in the basketball game Jake made 23 baskets each of the baskets was worth either two or three points and Jake scored a total of 53 points how many two-point and three-point baskets did Jake make

Accepted Solution


Let x represent the number of 2 pointers made.
Let y represent the number of 3 pointers made.

We have to create a system of equations to solve this problem: 
[tex] \left \{ {{x+y=23} \atop {2x+3y=53}} \right. [/tex]

Isolate for [tex]x[/tex] in Equation #1:


Substitute the new Equation #1 into Equation #2:


Solve for [tex]y[/tex] :

Distribute the Parenthesis:

Combine like terms:

Add -46 to both sides:


Substitute this value into Equation #1:


Add -7 to both sides:


The Solution Is:

Jake made 16 two-pointers and 7 three-pointers!

I hope this helped!