If the least value of n is 4, which inequality best shows all the possible values of n? n ≤ 4 n ≥ 4 n < 4 n > 4

Accepted Solution

If the least value of n is 4 that means that 4 is one of the numbers in whatever it is that you are describing. In other words n = 4 is part of your answer. If that is the case, the last two values are incorrect because 4 is not included in either one of them.

So that means that you have to choose between one of the first 2. The key word is least. It means that the lowest possible value is 4. Nothing is lower. 

When you write something like n ≤ 4 what you are saying is the n must be = to or less than 4. The arrow head points to the smallest number which, in this case, is n. 

But the question says that the least number is 4. So the arrowhead must point towards the 4. This we have that n must be larger than 4. 

There are 2 conditions to this problem
n must be greater than 4
n can equal 4. It is the smallest number.

n≥4 <<<<<answer
B <<<<<< answer.